Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Today, we went to see Tehilla's pediatrician. Tehilla has reflux. After nearly every meal, she lets out a few coughs and then gags. Usually we blow on her face to make her swallow, but at least once a day she throws up a meal. So now, she will be taking Zantac twice a day. The pediatrician asked me, "Is she nervous a lot?" I said, "No, she's an infant."


  1. Yeah, bad nerves and spicy food will give a person reflux. You also better cut back on the Indian take out you're giving her... :)
    Tehilla is just insanely yummy. And she's lifting her head off the rug to look at it better! Wow - great sats and great neck control! Way to go Tehilla!

  2. Try and move up the watermark, its easily cut out on this one

  3. You do burp her, I hope.

    Such a little sweetheart.
    Hashem bless her.
    Happy Chanukha to all of you.