Thursday, November 7, 2013


We had to go back to the hospital today. Yesterday, while cleaning Tehilla's scar, I saw something black sticking out of it. I thought it was some dried blood that was coming off. Once I touched it, I realized it was not blood at all.

The way that the system works, is Dr. Erez, our surgeon, has a wonderful nurse practitioner, Ifat, that we call if there is any problem with anything- whether it is getting a prescription or Tehilla not feeling well. She will then help us aquire whatever it is, or call Dr. Erez if he needs to be notified. We send her pictures of Tehilla's scar, whenever we think there's a problem. Bottom line, she is incredible and always there as medical support with a direct line to all the doctors, if needed. 

So, last night, she called me after I sent her a picture of Tehilla's scar, with my concerns and she asked, "Is that a string?" Which is exactly what it was.  Dr. Erez said it could wait until the morning, but he had to remove it. It was a stitch that couldn't be seen before, so it hadn't been removed. Now it came back to the surface. 

Here's the big 'aha' moment- this is probably why her scar swelled last week and why it hasn't been healing so nicely. It can't heal with that stitch in there. So today, Dr. Erez cut the stitch out. It caused Tehilla some pain and now she's sleeping it off in her swing. 

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