Monday, November 4, 2013

Good Appointments

Yesterday, Tehilla weighed in at 3.022 kg. 

Today, we had two appointments. The first was with Dr. Golander, one of the pediatric cardiologists. He did an echo cardiogram and said that everything looked good and that we were on the routine path after a Norwood surgery. 

Her ankle was looking better, however her calf was very swollen. They did another x-ray and found that it is a calcium deposit, from when she was getting TPN. It will go away on its own. 

She has been taken off of Fusid! Now, she is just on Aspirin. We really are so lucky in this respect, as many HLHS babies are sent home with a pharmacy of medications. 

As well, I've been given the green light to go ahead with nursing! She had been put on Monogan, after her lungs had collapsed. Monogan is a specially engineered formula that has the fats completely broken down. This helped reduce the fluids in her chest, so her lungs could expand. The only way to know for sure that she can eat breast milk without fluid building up again, is to try. So G-d willing, I will be nursing her and we will see what happens. We go back to see Dr. Golander in 3 weeks.

Our second appointment was with Dr. Erez, our surgeon. He was a little concerned with how her scar looked and cleaned it up, but otherwise was pleased with how she was doing. 

In about 3 months, Tehilla is to go for a CAT scan and then they will make a decision of when exactly to do her second surgery, the Glenn. The plan is to do it January/February time. 

Good appointments, big smiles!

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