Thursday, January 15, 2015

Healing Nicely

After Tehilla's surgery, I had a very candid discussion with our family doctor and our cardiologist. I asked them both (separately), why Tehilla did not look her age.  Here is a picture of Tehilla before her surgery:

Before Tehilla's surgery, Tehilla looked like an 8 month old baby. Not the 14 month old baby that she was. Putting her lack of hair aside (it runs in the family), she did not look her age. She was also, as you know, very underweight and very short.

Both doctors agreed with me and they both separately explained that when a child like Tehilla is in heart failure for as long as she was, the body needs to respond. Her body had shut different development processes down in order to sustain her heart.

Our cardiologist felt sure that now that she had the Glenn surgery, the circulation in her heart would be doing better, and her entire body would start recovering. He predicted that about a month or two after the surgery, Tehilla would have a sudden "boom" in her development and weight gain. Her body would start healing itself and play catch up to everything that had been put on hold.

With extreme thanks to G-d, we are seeing that "boom". 

Tehilla is gaining weight steadily and nicely. Her body is not only chubbier and heavier, but is more developed to a baby that is 15 months old. Her face has started maturing more, as well. I have not taken her to be measured, but I can see that she has had a growth spurt.

She now says that monkeys say, "Ooooh" and says "wannthis" (Want this). The past few days she has had many long babbling monologues and it really sounds like she is trying to say words that we just don't understand.

Her body is healing. Thank G-d.

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