Thursday, January 22, 2015

RSV Shot and Ear Infection

The past few nights, Tehilla has been miserable. We thought it was because she is finally getting that fourth bottom tooth in (She has her molars in, her top teeth, but still not that tooth or her incisors).

Yesterday, I took her for her RSV shot. They only offer it at this one clinic all the way in the neighborhood of  Pisgat Ze'ev. For us, that's the complete other side of the city. The entire way there, Tehilla cried. She was whiny while we waited our turn with the nurse, and kept pulling on her left ear. After she got her RSV shots (It's divided into two shots, which she gets in each leg, because of her size), she was inconsolable. The nurse would not allow us to leave until she saw that Tehilla had calmed down. After a half an hour of Tehilla still crying, I told the nurse that I thought Tehilla was getting an ear infection and that we would be going to see a doctor anyways. She allowed us to leave and we got Tehilla the only available appointment late at night.

And sure enough, she has a pretty bad ear infection in her left ear.

I'm sure many parents can relate to nights like this. I guess the silver lining is none of this was heart related. This is how last night went: Around 12:00 am, Tzviel comes running in, screaming that there is a bee in his room. When we did not respond immediately, he climbed up onto our bed and started jumping by the foot of our bed, "Bee! Bee! There's a bee in my room! Aaaaaah!"

I quickly grabbed him and shushed him. "There's no bee. We've been through this. There are no bees in winter time. We have screens on our windows and our windows are closed because it's winter. Please, please, please, please, PLEASE go to sleep."

"Oh, Ima, I love you. Let's snuggle."

So, he lay down next to me. Every few seconds he stroked my face. Then every few minutes, he would say something like, "Do you think the bee is gone?" "I really hate bees." "Why did Hashem (G-d) make bees?"

After 10 minutes, I carried him out of our room and gave him the option of sleeping on the couch or in his room with the lights on. He chose the couch.

About 12:30 am, he started screaming that he was getting leg cramps...Ron got up with him again at 1:00 am.

There was quiet until 4:30 am, when Tehilla woke up. We gave her a drink of water and gave her more Tylenol. Tzviel heard her screaming and said, "Telulu? You're awake! Oh, hello!" We had to make him be quiet, but Tehilla wouldn't stop screaming. She would quiet down if we held her, but it would only last a few minutes.

Then Mechal screamed, "Oh my G-d! Why is this family so noisy?!? You're all waking me up." We had to shush her and make her go back to sleep.

Well, Tehilla never went back to sleep, and Tzviel probably didn't either. This morning, Ron and I were both completely disoriented. Tzviel said to me, "Ima, you look mad." I told him, "I'm tired. You did not let me sleep last night. Neither did Tehilla. I'm very tired and frustrated." To which he said, "Oh, I'm so sorry, Ima. I love you so much. Should we snuggle?" I gave him a kiss and kicked him out the door to school.

And now, I'm going to nap...

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