Monday, January 12, 2015

Miss Personality

Tehilla is really starting to gain weight. She feels chunky and chubby. Your fat thoughts have been working! She is now 8.6 kg (18.92 lbs).  She still has not let go of the furniture to take steps on her own. She is too scared.

However, a different, adorably naughty side of her personality is coming out. Earlier today, I was folding some laundry on the couch. She walked up to my nicely folded laundry piles, pointed at them and said, "This?" I said, "This is laundry. Clean clothes that Ima is folding." She then grabbed some of the clothes and quickly shuffled away, giggling as she "ran" and hid in the kitchen. I turned to her and said, "Hey! That wasn't nice! You ruined my laundry pile!" She laughed and laughed. 

When I went back to folding the laundry again, she creeped up next to me. I said, "Tehilla...I see you. Don't even think about it." So she grabbed a whole pile of laundry and dumped it on the floor. Then she quickly scooted away and hid in the kitchen again.

After that, I was doing some work, when I saw that she had found Mechal's water bottle and had managed to open it and was drinking from it. I told her that she could. The next moment, I heard splashing noises and turned to see her vigorously shaking the bottle upside down. I said, "Hey! What are you doing!" She started laughing and shaking the bottle even harder- trying to get the water out even faster.

I'm sure pretty soon, I won't find this funny, but for now, it keeps us laughing.

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  1. Baruch Hashem!!

    very very good mischief. Needs to play -hide and go seek..
    God bless Tehilla.