Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sweet Dreams for Kids

Today, we received a very wonderful package in the mail. A few weeks back, I had been contacted by a wonderful woman named Wendy. Wendy wrote to me after finding our blog and wanted to connect with me. She herself, has a young daughter who is a cancer survivor. Her family started an organization called "Sweet Dreams for Kids".

This is what Sweet Dreams for Kids is about:

"We have started this organization as a family. Our dream is for all kids in the hospital to have cute, cozy,and comfortable new pajamas. Our youngest child, who is our little walking miracle, was born with cancer. We saw her in hospital pajamas too many times. This is the reason we have started Sweet Dreams for Kids. We want to give back to others and this is the lesson we are trying to teach: when you give to others you will become happier."

They collect new pajamas and give them out to thousands of hospitalized children and their families. After Wendy read our story, she wanted to send Tehilla and Mechal and Tzviel, pajamas. We just received them in the mail today and my kids were not only thrilled to receive them, but incredibly moved by Wendy's daughter's story and the organization that their family has built. 

Please go to the organization's website: or their Facebook page over here to learn more about this amazing initiative and how you can get involved!

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