Thursday, January 8, 2015

With Love To You

This blog has been the most unexpected blessing. It has brought about such good into the world, that I am astounded. Our family is truly blessed, and in more ways than one. Ron and I have so many things to be thankful to G-d for: A home, each other, 3 beautiful children and so much more...Not many people can honestly say that they believe a miracle happened on their behalf. We can. And actually, so can all of you. Tehilla is your Tehilla too, and you asked G-d that her surgery go miraculously well, against all odds- and it did.  We are also thankful, for all of you. Our blog family.

I doubt I need to describe in detail the emotions that a mother and father feel, after handing over their one year old daughter to a surgeon, believing with every cell of their body that G-d is in control, praying with every breath and utterance from their mouth, but ultimately aware with every nano-second, that they may not see their daughter again. We sat for 8 hours. 8 very excruciating long hours- not knowing what G-d would make happen in that operating room.

During those hours, we experience more love and support than anyone can possibly hope for. Our phones would not stop buzzing and beeping- with outpouring messages, notifications, emails...etc. When people talk of kindness- true kindness, they speak of doing an act of good, with the recipient's complete needs in mind. That is what you all did. You filled every minute of those 8 hours with messages of love, support, kindness, consideration, strength, prayers and friendship. You literally held us up.

Your pictures of you wearing red brought smiles to our faces. Smiles. Do you understand that we were smiling, while our daughter's fate was unknown? Because of you.

I didn't forget to post them, but I needed some time to gather all the pictures together and make a collage. I admit, I definitely may have missed a few pictures (I am so so sorry), but from the outpouring of messages and emails, I actually couldn't keep up. I tried to find all of them. So, if you didn't make it into this collage, it's not because your picture was ignored. It helped in the most amazing act of kindness. We truly love all of you.

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