Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Princess Personality

Tehilla is finally sleeping through the night again. It seems that her ear infection had finally cleared up. Being a heart kid, she has been taking daily medication since birth. She is so used to it, that at the sight of a syringe, she opens her mouth and waits. We forget how unusual it is to see a kid that is so medication savvy. She is willing to suck her medicine out of the syringe.

This morning, as I was taking out her morning medications, I said out loud to her, "Okay, Tehilla. We have Enalapril, Carvedilol...and Moxypen." When she heard Moxypen, she said, "Mmmmm." She's not wrong, it's strawberry banana flavored, but it was still funny to hear, and amazing that she understood. And sure enough, after I gave her the syringe of Moxypen, she smacked her lips and said, "Mmmm. Umm umm umm."

We have suddenly and magically weaned Tehilla off of her pacifier. It really was her own initiative, as she hid every single one of her pacifiers and we can't find any of them. So, we gave it a try and without even a tear, she is now taking naps and going to sleep without a pacifier. When Mechal and Tzviel were babies, we took their pacifiers away when they were much younger. With Tehilla, we did not want to do that until after she had her Glenn surgery.

Tehilla is definitely a fan of pretty things, and often likes to put headbands and hats on her head. This past Shabbat morning, I was trying to get our home ready for lunch guests, and Tehilla was being very fussy. When I went to get dressed, she wouldn't let me put her down and was just in a bad mood. With time running out, I plunked her down on my bed, and she cried hysterically. Feeling stressed, I reached for a pearl bracelet and handed it to her. She instantly stopped crying, and turned it around and around looking at it and said, "Ooooooh. Wow!" I took it and put it on her hand and she laughed and clapped her hand. It kept her busy for a few minutes and she started whining again- so I took out another pearl bracelet and put it on her other hand. One more bracelet later, and Tehilla was all happy and content and kept looking at her pretty jewelry and pointing and saying, "Ooooh!"

We received a Hanukkah package from my aunt and uncle that had been lost in the mail. Tehilla has not stopped playing with her "doggy" and carries it around our home and shows it to everyone. She loves when we press the buttons and it sings. She claps her hands and starts babble singing. It's super cute, and I will try to get a video of her singing. Thank you Aunt Lesley and Uncle Lou!

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