Sunday, January 15, 2017

Busying Business many things to update on.

For starters, Tehilla had her speech evaluation. I really wish when people designed these concepts they first and foremost remembered that it involves a small child and that most small children are shy or afraid of strangers- but even more so, our small child.

Tehilla was uncooperative. She didn't say a single word until the last 10 minutes of an evaluation that took an hour and a half. So...She did however point to the pictures and display good cognitive skills for her age level. But that wasn't what we were there to assess. No one has ever questioned her cognitive skills. Tehilla spoke a little bit at the end, so at least she saw her speak- but she in no way saw any of the indications that Tehilla still has challenges with her speech. Which is extremely unhelpful. I'm assuming the speech therapist will write that Tehilla was uncooperative and therefore she couldn't evaluate her properly.

Many people offered advice and help, so I'm going to see what else can be done to help Tehilla get admitted to Gan Safa (Language Development Preschool).

Other than that, we are going through a very challenging and difficult situation with the construction on our porch. We have learned a very hard lesson about how ugly people can be and not to underestimate people's ability to take advantage of you- especially a neighbor. The construction aspect of our porch should be finishing this week. Unfortunately, we will be taking this neighbor to our local rabbinical court.

This whole situation has been very stressful. One of my dear friends lovingly criticized me and said, "I don't understand. You have the strongest Momma Bear side to you. I mean, everything with Tehilla...and THIS is pushing you over the edge?" I explained to her that my greatest struggle is confrontation. I can sit and read medical journals, and watch my daughter's heart beat while her chest is open. But I can't wrap my head around people intentionally harming another. I hate fighting and tension. But life can't always be sitting on a beach and snuggling your kids... So with G-d's help, we will resolve this situation and hopefully have the courage to handle this.

Other than that- I leave for London in 2 weeks! This week, I am researching myself. Seriously. I'm going back over the blog since the beginning and compiling our story, so I can write my speech that I will be giving on 5 university campuses in England. I can't believe that I'm giving a speaking tour, but if it can help raise awareness, I'm all in.

If any of our blog family members want to help- I'd like to hear from you about what parts of our heart journey stand out to you. It's very hard to be objective about your own life. So feel free to comment or email me:

Here's to a stress free week for all of us!

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  1. You all will continue to be in my prayers. May the evaluation come to Tehilla's benefit. That all her needs will be met.