Thursday, January 26, 2017

Stupid Murphy

I'm leaving to London for my speaking tour this Sunday! I can't believe it and am very excited. 

But as Murphy would have it, guess who spiked a fever last night...Can I get some help with a mass eye rolling? Thankfully,  it's been just a fever, until we were pulling into the doctor's office and Tehilla threw up everywhere.

I ran to the supermarket with a very smelly and wet little girl. Thankfully they had fleece blankets and thank G-d they had a pink one! It helped make a cooperative nudist out of Tehilla. 

The doctor said it's just a virus. Let's hope it passes quickly!

My speech is written and I'm putting the final touches on the presentation. Going back on our entire journey has reminded me just how much this blog family has meant to us and just how miraculous this little princess is!