Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Day In Day Out

Chanukah was absolutely wonderful. It was filled with family and friends, too many sufganiyot (donuts), some serious sevivon (draidel/top) gambling, and a lot of wonderful memories. Here is Tehilla enjoying some of her presents from us and family. Every holiday just reminds me how blessed we are to be together as a family. Thank G-d.

Tehilla has been off and on sick for the past week or so with viruses. We are keeping a close eye on her, but she is pushing through and her body is fighting strong. It seems ridiculous, but it's a major win to see that her body can take these illnesses. Tehilla is doing wonderfully.

We are narrowing down our selection for a school for next year. It is very stressful, but we may have found a very good municipality run school that we are happy with. We are also applying for a medical shadow for Tehilla. It's amazing on this heart journey, that there are always new things to learn. This is a whole new area which we have yet to learn about.

I posted this on Facebook, but it deserves to be put on here, as well:

Often in life, difficult situations come up that leave us frustrated and complicate our daily lives. We don't often get a chance to get a glimpse at the master plan and understand why things happen. I'm not claiming in any way to have G-dly insight, but from my limited perspective I'd like to share how our 2017 is starting.

The past 3 weeks we have had sewage bursting into our home because of a crushed building sewage pipe. We have had teams of plumbers, sewage trucks and professionals out assessing the situation. Our family has been sick with serious stomach issues because of it. And it has led to a lot of tension with neighbors. 

Construction began on Thursday. The pipe was under our patio. As the team cut into the flooring and started removing the concrete a horrible discovery was made: our patio was on the verge of collapse. The previous owners had the patio installed incorrectly and all it would take was one heavy snowfall for it all to come crashing down.

We were not prepared by any means to have to completely demolish our patio and pay for an entire new foundation and patio to be put in. The stress of this sudden construction job is overwhelming.
But I thank G-d whole heartedly that we have had to endure all of this to make this discovery. When I think of the alternative of what could have happened had our kids been playing outside in the forecasted snowfalls of the winter...I'm amazed at the kindness that He has given us. Thank You, G-d, for protecting us.

And so, this is what 2017 is starting out looking like. Grateful. Completely grateful.

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