Tuesday, January 24, 2017

New Heart Projects

I have some pretty big news to share!

Today, I had a long meeting with our cardiac nurses and am being hired to write and design two books for our hospital, Hadassah Ein Kerem. The first book will be for newly diagnosed families of HLHS. It will be written about Tehilla's story in a way that provides support and information for parents.

The second book will be a children's book for children with a congenital heart defect, as they approach a surgery date.

I am beyond excited to begin working on these new projects and to use my writing and graphic design skills to further help many heart families. The books will be translated into a number of languages.

At this point, I don't even remember a time when we weren't a heart family, but I never could have expected that our heart journey would lead to these exciting new directions. Sometimes our worlds come together in beautiful ways. I can't begin to express how much these projects mean to me.


  1. Beautiful! So amazing... happy to hear about your new project

  2. How amazing that your experience will result in such a gift for other families. Jusy fantastic.

  3. wishing you loads of hatzlocha with this! just wonderful news!

  4. This is amazing and fantastic! So happy for you!

  5. Wow, so exciting!! Hatzlacha and enjoy it!

  6. Incredible news and noone better than u shosh to b offered this opportunity as u will do it w your big heart in the best possible way and it will b so helpful to many people. Behatzlacha and congratulation.