Thursday, January 5, 2017

New Schooling Attempts

This picture is from yesterday, when Tehilla crashed after having a really tough time keeping us all awake from 3:00am and on. Still blessed and grateful...

We are turning down an interesting new path for schooling. It will require a collective finger crossing of our blog family and prayers always help. After some really good advice from a few people, we are applying for Tehilla to go to Gan Safa- Language Development Preschool (that's the best translation I can think of). It is a preschool that has a much smaller teacher to child ratio, has regular speech therapists, occupational therapists and other professionals on site daily. They personalize an educational program per kid and help them to advance in all areas needed and later integrate. It falls under the umbrella of special education.

With Tehilla's previous diagnosis of Apraxia of Speech, her development delays along the way, and her heart condition, she should be able to qualify. She will be going for a few evaluations to assess her eligibility. There are many little areas where Tehilla would really benefit from this kind of program. But it is difficult to get in. So, blog family, this is one of the more minor things that I've asked for prayers, but nevertheless it is for her benefit and to help her thrive.

Here's to hoping!


  1. Every person I know who has sent their child to Gan Safa has been really glad that they did. It saved them hours and hours of taking the child to all sorts of therapies and gave the child a great experience. I hope Tehilla gets in, but I think that it is so rare for a parent to actually want it, that probably just that is going to be in your favor :)

  2. I will continue to keep Tehilla in my prayers. Blessings.