Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Parties

Today, we had our second Mesibat Hodaya, party of thanks.

Thank you to those of you that were able to make it. We are truly blessed with incredible friends and family. 

At the party, I shared something that one of our blog readers had commented. Rabbi Liebtag in a shiur about Tehillim (Psalms), discusses two types of Tehillim.  One is the type where you are seeking help from G-d and asking for help. This is called "tefilla" (prayers). The other type is when you are praising G-d. This is called "tehilla" (praise).

We are so blessed to be in a time of Tehilla. Praise. Thank You, G-d, for two successful surgeries.  Thank You for giving us the opportunity to seek You out to Praise you. Let Tehilla continue to grow and develop, so that people will continue to praise You.

Shabbat Shalom to all of you!


  1. That's a picture that's being printed right now!!!!! what a smile! May Hashem continue to shower blessings of health and goodness to all of you! shabbat shalom

  2. Amen, amen, amen! Shoshana, it means SO much to me that my little comment meant this much to you! Seriously, heart overflowing here. I wanted very much to come to Tehilla's party but couldn't (family visiting from chul), but I was thinking of your family all day and feeling my own hodaya for Tehilla's health and for the brachot that came into my own life through "meeting" her. I hope I get to meet you for real one day, and that my little Arava can play with your Tehilla, but even if that never happens, you will always have a warm place in our hearts. May God continue to send Tehilla, and all the little ones, good health, smiles, and long, meaningful lives!

  3. I just started reading your blog all the way from the beginning and wow, I can't stop the tears. You and your husband are such strong, wonderful parents. Tehilla is only one month older than my little baby boy so I'm getting extra emotional reading everything she's going through. BH she's a super cute baby, you're in my thoughts every day and I try to check the blog almost every day. Happy belated mother's day Shoshana!