Saturday, May 31, 2014

Sleepless Shabbat

Tehilla developed a fever 40 min before Shabbat. I called the doctor on call and explained the situation. He told me to call him if it got worse. Tehilla spent the entire Shabbat shrieking, not sleeping, pulling on her ears, clawing at her head, not eating a lot, begging to nurse constantly. 

So as soon as Shabbat was out we called and went to see the on call doctor. He looked her over and said that he's suprised to say that her ears are clear. Either it's another virus or its teething. To which I went on a whole vent about teething...

Ron and I are both very run down, from lack of sleep and are not feeling great, so maybe it is viral...

At least it does not seem heart related. Thank G-d.

I'm open to any heart safe suggestion to cure teething and lack of sleep.

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  1. Can you find a pacifer that you can put in the freezer? In America they make them with a liquid so it is like ice. That will help her teething pain.