Monday, May 12, 2014

Tummy Trouble

My favorite words are "not heart related" and "stable". The words that make me smile are "like a normal baby."

For eight days, Tehilla has thrown up every time we have given her a bottle of formula. So I stopped giving her formula and started only nursing her and giving her solids for a few days. She has been extremely constipated and the past 36 hours didn't poop at all.

I know this was what y'all wanted to read about. Enjoy my poopy post.

We went to the doctor this morning. While some of this could be heart related, it's not! Just normal baby tummy trouble. Yes, in my head, I did a little dance.

She's being given some kind of oil to help her regulate.

And...since we have upped her dose of Enalapril, the excessive sweating has almost completely stopped!

Thank G-d!

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  1. Re: poopie posts.
    With babies, we always discuss their 'input' and 'output' issues.
    How much? How often (or not)? On the pottie? (YEAH!) On the floor. :(

    B"H for normal babies!
    Hey -- as we (I ?) get old-er, we start to revert to these discussions too ! Second childhood. OY! :)

  2. Ruthie…I can totally relate to the "other end of the spectrum" while caring for my aging Mother….:(
    As far as the facebook launch I am happy to say that as of last night, 17 of my friends have "Liked" the page!!!!! Yeah for my Peeps!

  3. Tears of joy are streaming down my face as I read "poopie post"!!! B"H

  4. I laughed out loud when I was instructed to enjoy your poopy post. Only a mother can appreciate its true meaning!

  5. BH Tehilla should only have normal baby problems. :)