Saturday, May 24, 2014

I Hate Teeth

Tehilla has been miserable for days. She hasn't napped and wanted to be held non-stop. At night she has spent hours crying or repeatedly waking up. Last night, was extremely hard. She woke up at 12:something and screamed, shrieked, took a deep breath and screamed some more until 5:oh-my-lord. It was awful. As soon as Shabbat was over, I called our doctor and because of her heart, he wanted to check her tonight.

Dear Tehilla,

My dear, sweet love, I hate your teeth. They hurt you tremendously.  That I'm sure. You have a very high pain threshold. So for you to scream for hours, I am convinced that it is unbareably awful. When your pearly whites decide to show their faces, let me make this clear. You are never to get a cavity. Don't even consider braces. Together, we have put in hours of pain, tears and screams. You are to have record breaking perfect teeth.

G'night all. Here's to a pain-free night.


  1. Shoshana, You are really such a sweet mommy.
    May the little ones pain all disappear, and may baby and momma have good sleep. One day, when the little one is all grown up, (B;H) may you both sit and talk and laugh about these pain filled sleepless nights.
    Hashem bless you .

  2. Hello I have been following and praying for little Tehilla. If the doctor does not mind, when my son would get colicky, I would give him astragalus tea. It would settle his stomach and he would heal up quickly from colds and any sores on his body. Also, the melt away peppermint sticks. Stops tummy and teething issues along with pusatilla. Also, put your fingers over the vessels that need to grow and ask Hashem to grow them. I have been asking that for her also.