Thursday, May 22, 2014

Tummies and Prayers

Last night was better. Tehilla slept until 1:30 am and woke up to nurse. I didn't turn her down because she is not feeling well. After nursing she went back to sleep until the morning. She did not let me put her down today and hasn't taken a single nap. So now we are both cranky messes.

Tehilla did learn a new "trick" today. She can now hold her sippy cup by herself.

On Monday, our doctors made it clear to me that Tehilla cannot progress to her next surgery unless she has substantial growth in her pulmonary arteries. As of now, she has had very little growth in the past two months since her BT shunt surgery.

I'd like to ask, if you are praying for Tehilla, please specifically pray for her pulmonary arteries to grow, so Tehilla can have her Glenn surgery. Tehilla bat Shoshana.