Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Less Tears

Tehilla's tummy finally seems to be on the mend. Chamsah Chamsah Chamsah. Ptu ptu ptu. Bli Ayin Harah. (If you didn't follow that, don't worry about it. Just warding off the evil eye, is all.)  It seems the night (I honestly have lost track of time, due to the lack of sleep.) that Tehilla cried and was finally comforted by a bottle, was due to a growth spurt. She has chunked up and grew.  Next week, I plan on taking her to the well-baby clinic for measurements and immunizations.

Her teething is still- well, like this:

She really is in so much pain. We have been giving her Tylenol more generously and make sure to give her some before bed.  It has helped everyone get more sleep. I actually got 5 consecutive hours of sleep, last night.  During the day, she has been napping better and been more playful. 

We are having a lot more moments, like this:

Tehilla can mostly sit up on her own. We keep a cushion around her, just in case. She also can roll and turn herself very well. Within a minute, she has managed to get herself across the carpet and grab that "special thing" that her siblings don't want her to have.

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  1. Davening that her pulmonary arteries grow!!!! She's gorgeous.