Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sweat that!

We just finished our appointment with Dr. Golander. Tehilla's heart functionality seems a bit better. He is raising her dose of Enalapril. 

He cannot explain Tehilla's excessive sweating, because her heart functionality is not poor enough to be the cause. He wants us to follow up with our regular doctor. 

Tehilla's pulmonary arteries have grown slightly. We still have time to go before Tehilla is "Glennable." 

We go back for another checkup in two weeks. 

Other than that, Tehilla is becoming more active. She is rolling all over and moving herself to the side. She has started to try to push herself forward. 

She also definitely said "hi". Of course, I was the only one to hear it. But it really did happen. Really! 

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  1. Thank you for the update. Tehilla is always in my prayers along with your family. I am so inspired by her resilience and fortitude as well as yours too mama Shoshanna. You are all so very brave, strong, and I am praying Hashem allow only goodness to flow down from Heaven into your home and lives.