Wednesday, March 16, 2016


Our student doctor just came around and told us that our discharge papers are already printed and ready. 

In short, it's all inconclusive. They believe that they have ruled out endocarditis. Her blood tests do not show any signs of infection, her echo was clean and she is the poster child for health. I mean, while the doctor and I were talking, she was trying to do a somersault. This is not a child with endocarditis. 

They have ruled out serious infections and viruses. One of the directives upon discharge, is that if she gets a fever, we do not treat it with any fever reducing medicines and we run to the ER.

Thank g-d. This could have been scary and we are very blessed

We will either be discharged soon or after rounds. So...HOME!!!


  1. Yay!! So glad!!

  2. yay! love tehilla's face in the picture, i can only imagine what yours looks like!