Monday, March 14, 2016

Morning's Here

Last night was pretty difficult for me. We have an uncourteous roommate who made it difficult for Tehilla to fall asleep and kept me up throughout the night. As well, Tehilla's monitor went off frequently from her varying oxygen saturation.  She is stable and well now, at 83.

Today, they will be taking blood to test for endocarditis. We should be receiving results for the virus tests.

It's very unlikely that Tehilla has endocarditis.  She seems well and doing much better today. If she had endocarditis,  she would be in terrible shape.

Our nurses have been amazing and having fun with Tehilla.  In some ways, Tehilla's age has made this an easier hospital stay. I can talk her through things and she is at an age where everything is an adventure.

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