Sunday, March 27, 2016

Good Unknowns

I don't know how you all do it- but your prayers work crazy miracles.  Crazy mind blowing miracles. 

Tehilla just had an echo which gave us a lot of unknowns. Tons of them- but really good unknowns.

Her blood pressure was great in her echo just now. There was reduced heart function and some narrowing but good blood pressure.  It made such a difference that there is now discussion of whether she should have her Fontan in a few months.

This echo just raised A TON of questions that will only be answered in her catheter tomorrow.  But the only thing that has changed is that we have increased prayers for her.

So please- the next 24 hours may make the biggest difference in what happens for Tehilla.  Please spread her name everywhere. If prayers are the what it takes than that is what she needs.

Tehilla bat Shoshana


  1. Shoshana!!
    you said "If prayers are what she needs?"

    It is prayers to Hashem from so many of those who have been davening for Tehila, and only prayers.. along ofcourse with the good Drs.. but the miralcles are happening only because of the prayers to Hashem..
    Thank Y-u Hashem!!


  2. Tehilla bat Shoshana's name is before me each day as I thank HaShem for her complete healing.