Monday, March 28, 2016

Good Update

They finished! It went very well and without any complication. Thank G-d.

Her blood pressure seems to be very good!!! We will not have any final results until they analyze the data. But it seems that way.

There was very very little narrowing of her aorta. They did a low pressure balloon dilation and it immediately failed. They are not concerned about it and do not feel it is the cause of her high blood pressure until now.

She does have reduced heart function and they need to understand why that is.

This is all we know right now. There is a lot of data for them to sift through and for our cardiologist to analyze. Right now, the recommendation is to go off of two of her blood pressure medications. We do not yet know if she is a candidate for the Fontan.

They are waking her up now. She is stable and doing great.

Thank G-d.

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