Tuesday, March 15, 2016


We had a better but still noisy night.

So far, the virus panel came back negative. Which provides some answers but creates a million more. Like why did she get a fever on antibiotics. What was/is she sick with. And there are no shortage of possible answers. 

They are doing a urine test. Maybe it will provide some more answers. 

We love this hospital. Our medical team are always incredible, the nurses are kind, caring and always helpful. It's easy to complain and criticize when there are issues that come up. In an enormous hospital like Hadassah Ein Kerem there are always some personalities and that can taint an experience. But it's just as important to praise and mention the constant positive experiences that we have here.  I plan on writing a letter of commendation for the incredible care we have received. 

Tehilla is at a fun age where we can start enjoying the added benefits of the children's hospital- like the playrooms. They have constant activities and educational classes and workshops.  Today, we discovered a relaxation room with beanbag chairs and disco lights and lots of fun buttons to press to change the settings. 

There are whispers of us getting discharged today. Fingers crossed.

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