Sunday, March 13, 2016

Noise. Stop. Noise.

It took awhile for a room to be available on the sick kids floor. While we were waiting, Tehilla napped and woke up screaming that her head was hurting. She didn't have a fever. They were waiting for her to spike a fever, to do a blood test. Because her head was hurting they had to give her achemoli (tylenol).

They checked her vitals and her oxygen saturation was very low. It was at 72. Tehilla's baseline is 80-85. They checked her on several machines to be sure.  The doctor came to look at her. They felt that it is because she is clearly sick and not related to a problem with her heart, since they just did an echo and blood tests.

We finally were given a room and have such a wonderful nurse. We are pretty well known in our hospital because of our frequency here and because of the speech that I gave awhile ago at the Pediatric Cardiology Symposium.  So many nurses have come up to us to say hi and remark on how big Tehilla is now.

Because Tehilla's oxygen was low, they wanted her to get some oxygen. They felt it would just be enough to put a tube close to her face.

It was enough and brought Tehilla's oxygen to 80...until Tehilla learnt a little game. When she moved the tube away it made an alarm go off because her saturation went down. "Oh! A noise!"

When she moves the tube close to her face, it stops and her saturation goes up. "Yay! It stopped!"

"Noise! Uh- it stopped. Noise. Stop. No more noise, Mama. Noise!"

Well as you can imagine, the nurses were EXTREMELY unamused by their heart patient's alarm going off constantly.  Once they saw what she was doing, they had to switch her to a cannula.

We told Tehilla that it's a special necklace and she is super excited. No child has ever smiled so much to be fitted with a cannula.

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  1. refua shlaima for tehilla, hope you will be on your way home soon. the pics show a little sweety with a smile!