Thursday, March 10, 2016

Just Enjoying

We have just over two weeks until the catheter. Our way of coping so far has been to push it out of our minds. We have not told our two other kids yet. We did not want to give them all the extra time to worry.  But we will have to tell them in the next week.

Until then, our family has launched full on into just enjoying the blessings around us and making preparations for Purim. We have been planning our costumes since the day after last Purim. Tehilla has changed her mind many times and honestly, she better settle on something soon, or she will have nothing to wear.

But we are not shying away from the festivities and are hosting a Purim seudah (meal/party) with probably over 30 people. Despite it being 3 days before her heart catheter. We are celebrating Purim in the biggest way we know how and filling our home and holiday with joy.

Tehilla is loving school and overall happier. She makes sure to save some of her mischief for when she gets home. She had strept throat over the weekend and very sweetly shared it with me and now Ron. Thank G-d we are all on the mend.

I've been having a lot of thoughts about gearing up for this catheter and I'll try to post later.

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  1. so happy she is doing well in school. davening for
    tehilla daily.