Monday, November 10, 2014

Coffee Makes Everything Better

Last night was very difficult.  Tehilla was up and pushing off her oxygen mask the entire night. Her saturation generally stayed above 68.

This morning her saturation was completely normal and she is off of oxygen. Now it is dipping a bit. 

She is smiling away and engaging all of the nurses and doctors. 

Thank G-d, she seems to have improved somewhat.  We are very blessed to have so many people who jumped at the opportunity to help. Especially our dear friend, who at the blink of an eye has several times dropped everything to sleepover and watch Mechal and Tzviel.  We love you, Josh.

Coffee and good friends are fueling me today.  


  1. So, SO relieved to see Tehilla cheerful and off oxygen this morning! Praying for a complete return to normal and for storing up lots of strength for the Glenn!

  2. Coffee is the BEST! Thank you Shoshana for keeping us updated and what a relief to see the baby looking so cute and happy! she is a doll