Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Holy <Enter Expletive>

Tehilla is determined to keep us on our toes...

Last night and right now, Tehilla got hurt, started screaming hysterically, and then lost consciousness for two seconds.  Her body went limp, her eyes unfocused and slightly dilated. Then she snapped back in, was dazed and then started crying again.

This is called Breath Holding Spells or Pallid Breath Holding.  It is her response to pain and scares the <Enter your choice expletive here> out of you. Like I think Ron and I just went into some sort of cardiac arrest.  

I spoke to our family doctor who assured me that we diagnosed right and that it isn't dangerous. He wanted us to talk to our cardiologist just to be sure there was nothing heart related, we were missing. 

I called our cardiologist directly and he, as well, assured me that it poses no danger to Tehilla. This will be her response to pain, and she will lose consciousness but she will always regain consciousness about two seconds later. 

Life should be fun when she turns three...with G-d's help. 


  1. How scary!! I'm SO glad she is ok! She is adorable! :) I will be praying for her! Torahkeeper ;)

  2. Two of my children did this when they were the same age as Tehilla. Our doctor recommended picking them up and hugging them tightly- which i found helped. The more I was calm about it, the fewer spells there were. Also, I learned (quickly) the things that triggered these spells and tried to prevent them as much as possible. The good news is that they both bh grew out of it before they turned two! So, there's hope :) good luck!