Sunday, November 23, 2014

Tehilla Cards

Tehilla is very fickle about the Pediasure. Sometimes, we manage to get her to drink 1/3 of a serving, and sometimes, she won't touch it. So, we are switching to the chocolate flavored one. I hope that she takes to this one better.

She also had her blood test today, to check the levels of digoxin in her blood and make sure that it is not at a toxic level. As soon as she saw the white coat, she started screaming hysterically. The poor guy was so stunned, but I explained that she has a fear of white coats. He nodded his head knowingly, and said, "Oh, she must have had a blood test before." I didn't even bother responding, I just pulled Tehilla's shirt down low, so he could see her scar. His eyes popped and he said, "Oh, wow. Okay, I'll move quickly."

I was sent a wonderful picture from my brother, who was stunned to see this on the Yeshiva University campus, today.

Again, this is such a beautiful initiative and my family is so moved by Rabbi Gopin's "No Talking for Tehilla" campaign.

I have, once again, made up cards for before the surgery. The web versions are below. Please feel free to share them on Facebook, Twitter...etc. The more people praying for Tehilla- the better.

This is a link, to download a print version of the cards, or a page of cards to be dispersed, in both English and Hebrew.

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