Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Last night over all, was pretty good. Tehilla barely coughed and she slept well. There was a bit of a balancing game with oxygen and her saturations fluctuating. She is on a little  oxygen.

She woke up with her eye infected. She is breathing better and she has definitely turned the corner and recovering well.

I hope that she stays this way and, who knows, maybe convinces the doctors to send us home.

This sickness should not derail her planned surgery for the beginning of December. However, she can not be sick two weeks before the surgery.  So, once we get home, we are isolating ourselves completely and not taking Tehilla anywhere. We just can't allow any delays for her Glenn. 

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  1. "pretty good," "slept well," "breathing better"... PURE POETRY! Baruch Hashem yom yom, may she continue from strength to strength, and come home soon, safe and sound, bezH!