Thursday, November 20, 2014

Diet for Skinny Cows

Today, Tehilla had an appointment with our doctor. When we walked in, Tehilla was her smiley self, but when our doctor turned to greet her, she let out a huge shriek and burst into tears. Our doctor was pretty crushed, but I assured him it was just stranger anxiety. She calmed down for the rest of the appointment, but just before we left, our doctor said to her, "Goodbye, sweetness!" and she pouted her lip and then had big crocodile tears and started shrieking again.

We discussed Tehilla's weight loss and her "ravenous" appetite. Our doctor found it pretty alarming that she was losing weight, and that was before I explained about her constant grazing habits. He agreed that she should start taking Pediasure and wants her to see a dietitian at our hospital, to help us make a calorie-rich diet for Tehilla. He checked her thoroughly to make sure that the weight loss was not due to something else.

Our nurse called later to tell us that she spoke to our cardiologist, who was also alarmed about the weight loss and wanted her thoroughly examined (check!) and to start taking Pediasure (check!).

Tehilla has a love-hate relationship with the Pediasure. She takes a big sip of it and mutters, "Um um mmmm um." Then she throws the sippy cup across the floor and shakes her head no. She waits a minute and then goes and gets it and does the whole thing over again.

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