Monday, November 3, 2014

Extremely Not Straight Forward

Tehilla is an extremely not straight forward case. That is basically the findings of today's catheter.

Her pulmonary arteries overall grew a little bit. The branched area inside her lungs are good. They are ready for the Glenn. 

Her pressures are borderline high. This is the problem. It is essential that they are lower for the Glenn to be successful.  They will crunch the numbers soon to know exactly where we stand.

So here is the dilemma: Because her pressures are still so high, there is a huge question mark. There are many different options that they are considering.

1)To treat with more medications and wait. See if this brings down her pressures and then do another catheter.

There are risks involved in this, long term, that she can outgrow her BT shunt as well as another risk I have to ask again about.

2) Do the Glenn. Many times pressures change anyways from the Glenn because the entire circulation has changed.

This is a big risk. If her pressures don't change, then they will have to do surgery and take down the Glenn and revert back to what she has now.

3) Do another shunt surgery, putting in a bigger shunt and waiting again.

This is also risky because the Norwood circulation is not a long term circulation that she can live on.

These are the options the doctors are considering. The numbers of the pressures will give them a better idea of what to do.

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  1. B"H she survived the cath! Your little girl is a fighter, B"H! This is a winding path -- as complex as Tehilla's heart condition is, so is the labyrinth you and the doctors are following. Prayers continue. You have some of the finest doctors in the world, trust them and trust HaShem! (I know you do!).