Monday, November 24, 2014

Eye Infection Again

Tehilla has another eye infection. We saw the on-call doctor and she was prescribed  an eye ointment. 

I saw our regular doctor in the hall and he does not have any idea why Tehilla has so many reoccurring eye infections.

He did, however, check Tehilla's blood work from yesterday, and her level of digoxin is too high. I called our cardiac nurse, Yifat, and the dosage has been adjusted. 


  1. This is unsolicited advice, so take or or leave it but my first thought is she should be taking a good quality probiotic since she's been on so many antibiotics. Antibiotics wears down the system and kills good bacteria that helps to fight infection. Probiotics helps to rebuild good bacteria. My mom has been telling me this for years and recently, the medical community has caught on. I was surprised when my regular internist recommended it, but its certainly a new thing amongst doctors and most don't consider that factor.

  2. aww sweet little Tehilla