Thursday, November 13, 2014

No Such Luck

I wish I could tell you that we came home and spent the evening snuggled up in a big family hug, watching a movie and drinking hot chocolate. Because that was the plan. No such luck.

The minute- the actual minute- that we stepped outside the hospital, I got a call from Tzviel's teacher, telling me how he was crying and had a headache and his throat was hurting him. Sigh.

So, we raced over to his school to pick him up and found that he had a fever. A doctor appointment was made for him and we spent most of the evening doing everything to keep him away from Tehilla.

Tehilla was so happy to be home and have space to crawl around. She loved crawling into each room and being in familiar surroundings. Tehilla kept having coughing fits, but maintained her saturations nicely.

As we headed to bed, Tzviel's fever spiked to 39.5 C (103.1 F) and he started complaining of weird pains. We quickly called the doctor on call, who reassured us that it was either a virus or strept and to keep doing what we were doing, but to call back if Tzviel couldn't calm down or break the fever. Well, thank G-d, he did and we went to sleep.

Only to be woken up by Tehilla having a few coughing fits. We gave her an inhalation at 4:30am, I think. Honestly, aftery 72 hours at the hospital and another 12 at home, going between two sick kids, I'm barely standing. We checked her saturations and they were still good.

Tzviel also woke up at one point, but I think Ron got up with him. I can't remember much.

First thing this morning, we did something that I feel really horrible about. Ron took Tzviel to my parent's house and is staying with him there. We have to keep him away from Tehilla. She is still not over her virus, and to catch something now, could be severely dangerous. It doesn't make me feel any better, as a mother, kicking my sick kid, who just wants to be snuggled by his Ima, out of the house. I know it's for everyone's benefit and it's not like he won't spend the day watching movies and getting filled with junk food. But it doesn't feel great.

And now, I'm going to go take a nap.

Happy, unwell Tehilla picture for you.


  1. He'll be spoiled by the grands. You have to do what's safest for everyone and right now the main priority is Tehillah. Take a deep breath, have a good cry in a hot shower, and take it one day at a time.

  2. Hard decisions as a mom - BUT you made the right call!! and he's with is dad and grandparents! He will be well taken care of!!!