Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Skinny Cow

Today, Tehilla went for her first of the series of RSV shots. Now that she is bigger, she gets two shots, and she was very unhappy about it. But, two minutes later, she forgot about it completely and went back to pointing to a picture of a duck and saying, "Rooooaaaaaarrrrr!" The nurse found her very amusing.

Last year, when Tehilla had her RSV shots, she became extremely sleepy for a few days. It was not a "known to the doctors" side effect, but when I consulted with my heart mamas, I found many heart mamas that experienced the same thing. We will see how Tehilla reacts this time around.

Since Tehilla has started crawling a lot and now walking along the furniture, we have noticed a big change. Tehilla became increasingly hungry and would eat huge portions for a baby her age. She usually tells us that she is hungry or thirsty by smacking her lips together. Lately, she smacks her lips together, all day long. When she eats, sometimes she eats more than Mechal and Tzviel combined. She loves eating carbohydrates: pasta and bread. She has started grazing like a cow, all day long between meals, and never seems to be filling up.

Many heart kids, because of their compromised circulation in their heart, spend more energy when active. This burns calories faster and it makes it hard for them to gain weight.

At Tehilla's appointment today, she was weighed. She weighs 7.700 kg (16.94 pounds). She went down 1/2 a kg in 1 week. Last week, she was 8.300 kg (18.26 pounds).

I will be talking to our doctor about this, but in the mean time, I called our cardiac nurse, Yifat, and asked her what she thought. She was less alarmed, but agreed that Tehilla should start taking Pediasure to give her the extra calories that she clearly needs.

Here is our silly little skinny cow.

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