Friday, January 10, 2014

Almost there

Yesterday, I took Tehilla to be weighed. She is now 4.735kg and 55cm long. I had a feeling last week, and now I know, that last week's weighing was inaccurate. She is almost at her 5kg goal for her Glenn surgery!

This week, I moved Tehilla into her crib in her room. It's directly off of our room, so she maybe moved 10 feet away. Regardless, it has not been easy for me and I have not slept much. She, on the other hand, has been sleeping just fine.

Her heart catheter is about two weeks away. We've started to tell our two other kids that I will be away for two nights/3 days.  I'm starting to prepare myself mentally, as well, for being back at the hospital and seeing her in that state again.

Well, after all of the responses I got from the blog and Facebook, Picture #8 won.  I'll go to have it printed and framed, next week.

Shabbat Shalom to everyone!

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