Monday, January 27, 2014

The Decision

Dr. Golander just came to talk to us. They reviewed the numbers and images. The numbers showed that the pressures are borderline. The images showed the pulmonary arteries aren't as severely small as they thought and are borderline. They reviewed everything with Dr. Erez and came to the decision that she should get the surgery in a month. 

They reviewed her blood test results and saw that her hemoglobin did not show chronic damage. It showed that, yes, she's not doing great but it's not critical. We will continue as before. Tomorrow, they will give us a date for the surgery.

In the mean time, we are being kept in the hospital until Tehilla is better. She came in with a slight chest infection and a heart catheter can worsen it. So, they won't release her until she is better. 

Here is little sick Tehilla. She is being given oxygen to stabilize her still and I can only nurse her in little increments, as her heart rate goes way too high. Her eye is red because she kept rubbing it with her IV in. 


  1. awwww...she is so precious!

  2. Ay, she is so precious indeed!, praying always until she is completely healed ♥

  3. SHE WILL BE OK!!!!!!!!!! relax as this is helpful to her.