Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Much Better

Last night, was another sleepless night, but hospitals aren't really meant for sleeping, right? Tehilla is doing much better. She came off the anesthesia very nicely. She did not throw up and it did not cause her cough to worsen. 

She actually has been doing much better. I've been giving her nose drops and inhalation with saline. We are waiting to be called to go see the cardiologist. I plan to ask him to let us go home, as there isn't anything they are doing for her that I can't do at home, and there are several kids sick in the ward with bronchiolitis. 

Many people have messaged me and commented that I should relax and that the decision is a good one. 

I am extremely happy with their decision. I have absolute confidence in our cardiac team. I know fully that what they have decided is the right course of action for Tehilla. A month will go by quickly and we will be completely ready for the surgery and hospital stay when it does. 

Here's our heart warrior princess, back to her happy self:

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