Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sick Again and RSV shot

Poor Tehilla is not only teething but has a terrible cough that is in her chest. It's accompanied by a cold and last night she had a fever. She gets coughing fits and can't catch her breath. She has thrown up every meal. Now I'm making sure to feed her small amounts but more frequently. We went to see the pediatrician last night. He started her on saline inhalation treatments twice a day. He told me to update him today. 

Last night no one got any sleep. Tehilla screamed and cried the entire night. And just when I thought that we got her to sleep, she would wake up again. There was one break from 3:15-4:25 when Ron managed to get her to sleep. It was horrific. 

Despite all that, Tehilla did not have a fever this morning and after consulting the pediatrician, we took her for her RSV shot this morning. She was weighed and is now at 4.820kg. 

I may have to take Tehilla back to see the pediatrician tonight. 

I miss sleep. 


  1. Poor baby!! :(

    Cut an onion in half and put it next to her crib. It will help with the cough - really!

    Refuah shleima, sweet girl.

  2. refu'a shlaima - hoping you guys can sleep tonight and continued healing...

  3. My son came down with a cold on during his Brit Milah and by 10 days was hospitalized with RSV for 8 days. He would have trouble after that sleeping laying down (one cold after another until he was 2). I bought a battery operated baby swing and let him sleep sitting up in the swing. I bought rechargeable batteries so that when the wore out I would put in a charged set. This kept him happy and me sane. If they have those types of baby swings in Israel I would run out and buy one!

    1. Thank you for the suggestion! We did do that a few times and it did help to keep her upright. <3