Sunday, January 26, 2014

Informed and Well Cared For

Once we cleared admission, we were stopped by our cardiac geneticist. He's part of our team and is conducting research into Tehilla and HLHS. He was happy to see us, but especially Ron, who had managed to escape his blood test previously. He took us to the 3rd floor, the regular sick children's ward. 

He explained to us everything there is to know and expect with the heart catheter. All the possible adverse reactions, as well. He explained that our entire team had met this morning to discuss Tehilla's case. Tehilla has to start fasting 4 hours before the anesthesia. Her catheter is scheduled for 9:00am. She is the first one. It is being done by our cardiologist, Dr. Golander and another cardiologist, Dr. Perles. The procedure should take 2 hours. Tehilla will wake up very irritable, but we must manage to keep her calm and try to get her not to move her leg too much, since that is where the catheter is being fed through and it could cause bleeding. 

He also told us tgat usually they do the Glenn surgery 3-4 weeks after the catheter, unless they felt it was emergent.  He saw that upset me and I explained that Tehilla was clearly not doing well, and I had hoped it would be sooner. We'll see what the outcome of the catheter is. 

He examined Tehilla and then, took Ron's blood. We were given a room and then the nurse took all of our details. She weighed Tehilla, 5.050kg, and measured her height, 56cm. Then she did an EKG. During this time, Tehilla had managed to smile and coo at every nurse and doctor, so we are now the most liked and patients. Smart move, girl! 

Afterwards, the pediatrician came in to examine her. I then discovered we had been placed in a room with a baby with bronchiolitis. I told the doctor we had to be moved and the staff immediately scrambled to find is a new place, while I moved us into a waiting room. 

We are now in a room by ourselves. The doctor came to ask follow up questions and I requested that Tehilla be given inhalation for her cough. The doctor was very nice and has asked my opinion on everything. He has instructed the nurses to follow my lead for her care. 

So, we are hanging out, for now. 


  1. May she be given a complete and total refua shelema

  2. Thinking of you all and davening for Tehilla!

  3. Tehilla bat Shoshana is in my thoughts and prayers as is your entire family.