Sunday, January 26, 2014

Catheter Stay

Today, is Tehilla's heart catheter. It could not have come soon enough. Tehilla is showing many signs of needing the Glenn surgery. Her sweating has become extreme, her lips and eyelids are often purple. I could not be happier to be in the hospital today. 

I want to share something that happened on Shabbat.  After Tehilla was born, an announcement was made in shul (synagogue) about Tehilla and asking for people to pray for her. Since then, many people frequently stop my husband and inquire about Tehilla's health. 

Yesterday, we were all out taking a walk and we stopped at a park that only had two other families. One of the husbands rushed up to us and said, "Is this her? Is this Tehilla?" We nodded and he put his hand over her head and proceeded to give her the blessing that father's give their daughters on Friday night. When he finished, he said, visibly choked up, "I'm sorry. It's just very emotional for me." And he walked away. 

While we are here (we are getting admitted right now, but waiting on a one stinkin' paper to come in by fax), I will keep everyone updated through the blog. 

Please keep Tehilla in your prayers that this catheter show that she is ready for her surgery. Tehilla bat Shoshana. 


  1. Continously praying...

  2. So beautiful that he blessed her in the park like that.