Wednesday, January 8, 2014


After repeatedly trying to schedule a photoshoot with two different photographers, I was very disappointed. I really wanted to get a beautiful shot of Tehilla that I could print and frame for our cardiologist and for our surgeon as a thank you.

So, this morning, I had a do-it-yourself moment and decided to do our own photoshoot. I'm pretty proud of myself.

But now, I need your help.  I need to decide which picture to have printed.  So, please, comment below, on which picture you think I should use.

And yes, Family, if you would like me to have one of these printed for you, I will.











  1. Adorable pix Sho! so glad to see that Tehilla's lookin so strong and adorable! Good job with the pictures =] The first one is my absolute favourite though, and it was difficult to decide, ALL SO CUTE!

  2. I love #6 because she is laughing. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I also would choose one of these .

  4. #8. that smile is gorgeous!

  5. No: 8. Tehilla says, I am doing great... !


  6. #8. Definitely #8.

  7. I love 1, 8 and 9!

    1 -- This picture came out so gorgeous!
    8 -- This would be so encouraging to parents to see a picture of a smiling baby on a cardiologist's wall!
    9 -- Something about the adult human touch in this picture made my heart melt instantly.

    So...I'm totally undecided!

  8. #1 hands down my favorite. It's the lighting, her expression, her eyes. All the photos are fabulous but this one steals my heart.

  9. Since you asked, #1 or #8, but they are all beautiful, B"H.

  10. I like 1, 6 or 8 - 1 because I like the lighting and prefer to see the full shape of the head, 6 & 8 because of the expressions.

  11. Thank you for your blogging. Tehilla's journey HAS triggered more prayer and tenderness than I've experienced in years.
    In regard to the pics: Tehilla looks right at the camera/you with such joy and is totally engaged in the process. I vote #8!!

  12. 1,3 8 and 9
    i like 3 best.
    what a cutie pie

  13. they're SO cute! v. hard to choose. I guess #6 or #8... but... what can I say, all my choices in life should be this difficult... :-)

  14. Smiling baby, #8.
    What a yumster!

  15. I vote number 8 :) She is absolutely adorable with those big beautiful eyes <3

  16. Send him all of them. too hard to pick!!

  17. #8 and #9 are very tender and encouraging, but they are all beautiful; she is beautiful!