Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Our Geneticist/cardiologist came to check on her. He was thrilled to see how well she is doing. "She is really beautiful." I told him we've been giving her inhalation and nose drops. The nurse chimed in, "And onions!" So I explained to him about how we got the onion idea, and he stood there, pulling out the science and figuring out how it worked. 

He checked her and said that she should go home and joked that the catheter had helped her. We just need the pediatrician from the ward to agree, as well. 

Next the pediatrician who has been checking her, popped in to see her. She had just fallen asleep in the stroller. He sat down, looked at her and sighed. "She really is so beautiful. She is just amazing." He will come to do a checkup soon.

Next a different nurse came to talk to me. She wanted to know how I felt about going home and what my opinion is. Then she started talking about how beautiful, special and smart she is. 

While typing this the pediatrician came back, examined her and signed off on her going home. Now, we just have to wait on the paperwork. 


  1. Beautiful, special, smart, and GOING HOME!
    Yashar ko'ach to you, always advocating for your daughter and being so involved and so present. She is blessed.

  2. 'Kenna hora" pooh pooh pooh! Love ya. Welcome home.