Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Just a smidge more...

Thank G-d (over and over again), Tehilla recovered nicely from that virus.  Those onions helped her immensely.  At one point, she was very weak and not even crying when it was time to eat. I had to "force feed" her a lot.  But she regained her strength and is back to being a super happy smiley baby with a side of teething.

Yesterday, I took her to the well-baby clinic to get weighed.  She is at 4.945!  Just a smidge off.  The scale I weighed her on, is the one that last time around I thought was off, so who knows, she could be past 5kg already.

Sunday, we go in for the heart catheter. They will be checking for the pressures inside her heart.  This will indicate whether she is ready for her Glenn surgery or not.


  1. Go Tehila! You cand o it! Really amzaed by this little girl!

  2. Most adorable picture ever! Love the smile! Davening for her here in NY.

  3. Thank you Hashem!

    Hashem bless her and all the family.
    rooting for you . :)

  4. she is just soooooooooooo cute!!!!! KH!