Friday, March 28, 2014

Calm and Ready for Sleep

We gave her a bath, and just as we finished, the morphine kicked in. She is now very calm and dazed. She'll hopefully fall asleep soon. 

She hasn't gagged from the sugar water. Chances are that after she naps they may allow her to try food again. 


  1. Refuah shelaima. I'm Chai Halper's aunt. Kol hakovod for your amazing care. You are both warriors! Hope that you get a chance to also sleep, eat & take a shower which is such a luxury at times like this. Have a shabat shalom. Refuah shelaima. Tehilla is in my tefilot.

  2. I've been refreshing the blog multiple times daily for updates. I'll be davening so hard for Tehilla and your whole family when I light my Shabbos candles. Refua shleima, and Shabbat shalom!