Friday, March 28, 2014

Very Hard Night

We had a very hard night. Tehilla did not sleep at all. She was crying and clearly uncomfortable. She has tried throwing up a number of times, but her stomach is empty. Her stomach X-ray was clear. She has had a fever of 38.0. 

The doctors are trying to decide what to do to help her. Whether to try food again, even though she is nauseated. To restart her on morphine? They are all consulting now.

At 6:00am, I put her in my arms and finally got her asleep. I then yelled at two nurses for making noise in the storage room and I'm assuming I gave the look of death, because they apologized a few times. I kicked out a doctor for his keys jingling. I then made it clear that whoever wakes her up, will sorely regret it. Turned down the lights, and we napped for 2 hours. 

They just came in to say they are restarting her on some morphine and want to try to give her a pacifier with sugar water to see how she reacts. 


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    1. Thank you for taking the time to update despite all you are dealing with. All us mamas out here are praying for Tehilla and thinking about her and caring about her as if she were our own family, and we really appreciate hearing her news. May God make it only good.

  2. You are the most amazing mother/advocate!!! KEEP IT UP!!