Friday, March 28, 2014


Tehilla has been napping on and off. A lot of her swelling has gone down and over all she looks better than before. 

She was cranky and upset before, so I held her for awhile. I saw some of her personality come back. But she still has yet to smile. 

With the changing of the shift, our new nurse discovered that one of her IVs had moved and now her right leg is very swollen. They had to reinsert her line, somewhere else. Poor Tehilla got very upset and sent her heart rate up to 196. 

I requested that they bring an armchair into her room so I can get up with her and comfort her. 

She's sleeping nicely now and seems content. It's been a rough day for little Tehilla. 



  1. Going to say some tehillim for Tehilla before I go to sleep. You are such a wonderful mother and an inspiration to all us other mamas. Hope you and Tehilla have a peaceful and healing night.

  2. It's been a rough day for Shoshana, too! You are such a wonderful advocate for your children. Try to rest if you can.

    1. you are so inspiring! g'nite brave heart warrior queen

  3. Thank you, Shoshana for keeping us updated. Love to you and your family.

  4. davening for a complete refua for tehilla. In the pics, even with all the pain, she still sends out a sweet smile!

  5. שושנה יקרה
    את לא ממש מכירה אותי
    ואמנם עד עכשיו לא הגבתי אבל בזכות שרה אייפרמן שמעדכנת את המשפחה אני עוקבת אחריכם ומאוד מתרגשת לראות את התמונות ולשמוע על ההתמודדות המופלאה של כולכם. אנחנו מתפללים יום יום להחלמתה המלאה של תהילה ומחכים לבשורות טובות.
    (אהובה (הבת של מאיר וגודי סינגר