Wednesday, March 26, 2014


She woke up and was crying. She has opened her eyes. She was clearly hungry, so after trying sugar water, she was ready for her formula for preemies. 

They told us to take it slow, but she was not having it. She polished off the bottle of 90 cc. I told our nurse that she was still hungry, but he wanted to hold off. Tehilla started crying a lot, so now she's polishing off her second bottle. 


  1. May Hashem be praised and it is wonderful news !! May Tehilla bat Shoshana continue eating and may Hashem continue to give her strength to grow , live and love her precious family so they have this special little one among them as Hashem wills it !!
    Always love ,

    1. Amen! Wow, what a powerful bracha. Thank you

  2. Tehilla bat Shoshana is such a brave little trooper! B"H

  3. Hodu L'Hashem Ki Tov! What a pleasure to see her with her eyes open, eating as she should! May she continue to go m'chayil el chayil!

  4. What a yummy :)
    She is showing everyone her mettle!
    Tell Tehilla that people the whole world over are davenning for her to be strong, and to heal easily, bezH! That's a whole lotta love flying her way!
    All best wishes for continued strength and refuah.

  5. Shalom,
    My son, born December 30th, 1980 at Mt. Sinai Hospital, was the first child to have a successful Norwood Procedure at Boston Children's Hospital...and a successful 2nd Stage-Fontan Operation, 18 months later, by Dr. Norwood.
    We lived in Israel (Old City) for many years. I would like to have personal contact with you, regarding your Beloved Daughter, May Hashem give her a Healthy Heart until 120 Years. Amen. My name is Rivkah Klein.

  6. Such a beautiful girl! She is in my prayers everyday! Her strength and your strength are truly inspiring.

  7. Baruch Hashem! Keep on eating and getting healthy, Little One! Davening for you!

  8. B'H :)
    Tehilla darling, you are just so incredible. Hashem is with you 24/7.
    Your family is there for you round the clock and.... also..
    the rest of us, around the world, davening for you, and thanks to your Ima, following your success on this special blog she put up for you.
    Shoshana, your daughter is incredible.. like you.
    Be blessed.

  9. wishing tehilla a complete refua! what a sweet smile!!

  10. Seeing that beautiful little punim has brought tears of joy to my eyes. I gaze at her photo every day as I daven or do my work. I will update my photo to these beautiful photos you've shared with us. My arms reach out to you all during what must be a very difficult time for her and you all. Please know that I keep her in my heart every day and pray that Hashem will continue to bless her and she should be stronger each and every day b'h!!! Please kiss that sweet little face from me, a doting Safta in Los Angeles.